• Commercial locksmith

  • Simply give us a call and a Highgate locksmith will give best practice advice, suggest quick fixes along with a price estimate. Our master locksmiths are not fazed by odd hours or complex locks, and will drop by for any commercial locksmith or residential locksmith problems at your earliest convenience.

    Highgate locksmith has added a new service which includes re-keying you locks. A lot of times, you want different keys for your locks because either they are too old or they are lost. Hence, Highgate locksmiths is where you can turn to. We can not only re key your locks but also modify them and make a single key with which you can open all the locks in your house. With this new, high technology service, you will be free of all the worries related to your security.



    • Lock change
    • Lock repair
    • Installation of padlocks
    • High security locks installation
    • Master key system maintenance
    • Chart creation
    • Making of duplicate keys
    • Re-keying existing locks
    • Re-programming existing digital locks

    Reliable Commercial locksmith Highgate

    Getting an emergency locksmith in Highgate can be a challenge, but our staff is a strong believer in a job well done. Allow us to bring to your doorstep the most courteous locksmith Richmond has to offer. Remember, we are always just half an hour away, ready to take ownership of any locksmith emergency you may have.

    Let’s say your office or home is fitted with special doors, such as UPVC and wooden doors. We can open almost any type of lock without causing damage to the door or the frame. So if you are locked out, our Highgate locksmith will rush to the emergency 24/7, and let you back in a matter of minutes!